Communities In Schools NC

Organizations like this one are particularly close to my heart — my mom works as a teacher in North Carolina, which is currently ranked 46th out of 50 in per-student funding. Our public schools are underfunded, teachers are underpaid, and 53% of public school students live in poverty. Learn more about how CISNC improves North Carolina schools and works to change the futures of at-risk students.

Role: editor


IBM Cloud: Hero Stories

I worked with Myriad Media on IBM Cloud‘s in-the-works “Hero Stories” video series, which shows the human element and impact behind the Cloud.

Role: editor


IBM Cloud: The Next Generation Social CRM

IBM Watson, StatSocial, and Bloomingdale’s work together to know and target customers like never before. An iPad demo video for IBM Cloud.

Role: editor, mo-grapher (titles, transitions between illustrations)
Please note that illustrations were supplied by IBM Cloud.


Durham Connects

I collaborated with Durham-based filmmaker Kid Ethnic to produce an infographic video for Durham Connects, a Duke Endowment-funded program that provides home nurse visits to all families with newborn babies in Durham.

Roles: art director, editor, mo-grapher


Microsoft Office Tutorial App Videos

A series of very short promotional videos for GCF Learn Free‘s Microsoft Office tutorial apps. With a very limited budget and time frame, I purchased an after effects template and worked to make it fit this project’s needs. I manipulated motion, transitions, displays, text design, and guided the overall art direction.

Role: editor, mo-grapher

Red Hat Partners

Documentary-style profile pieces on Red Hat partners Cisco and IIS for a company-wide virtual event.

Role: editor


Slips, Trips, & Falls

Totally serious workplace safety video on preventing slips, trips, and falls. Believe it or not, I actually got paid to do this — “Make this interesting somehow?” Since then, other people have wanted to buy this video to screen at their office safety meetings. A lot of movies were ripped off to make this, so that wouldn’t be right. I won’t stop you from playing it at your next safety meeting, though.

Role: editor, mo-grapher


Alliance Broadcast Spots

I worked with Myriad Media on a series of 30-second broadcast spots for Alliance Behavioral Healthcare.

Role: editor
Please note that the animated logos and titles are not my own.


The Staff Talks About GCF Learn Free

I pitched a ‘meet the staff’ video because GCF Learn Free was relatively new and lacking in company transparency. A video about who is actually behind the company is a simple way to solve that. I assisted the senior video producer in filming the interviews. Edit and kinetic typography intro are my own.

Role: assistant camera, editor, mo-grapher


North Carolina B Corps

B Corps are really cool! If you want to become a certified B Corp, you’re basically saying that paying your employees well and being good to the environment are top priorities for your business. What’s not to love about that?

When Storyboard Media approached me about editing a video for the NC B Corps Champions, I totally wanted to do it. Here’s what’s up.

Roles: editor, mo-grapher (titles, lower thirds, logo animation)



A product video series for Italian pottery importer Vietri. Another collaboration with Storyboard Media. Voiceover by the CEO, who wanted to make a series of intimate short videos about the inspirations for each pottery line.

Role: editor


Come To The Table

A collaboration with my documentary-photographer and folklorist friend Chris Fowler. We interviewed Come To The Table attendees who are actively involved in North Carolina farming and foodways. This video tackles the issues of farmers and food work in Eastern North Carolina, one of the poorest regions in the United States.

RAFI and CTTT are organizations that fall on the traditional side of the non-profit spectrum, and I purposefully strove to modernize their image (sans serif titles, minimal soundtrack) in this series. CTTT videos from previous years were more like conference highlight reels — fluff pieces about attendees having a great time networking. The issues that North Carolina farmers are facing are real and compelling, and we didn’t want to gloss over those stories.

Role: DP, editor, mo-grapher
Please note that camcorder conference-hall footage was not filmed by our team.


Hopscotch Artist Profiles for Oak City Hustle

Two short artist profiles from this year’s Hopscotch Music Festival. I spent upwards of four years interviewing bands on the radio, so I’m over asking about what their influences are or what’s behind their band name. Luxe Posh talks about what it’s like being a woman of color in electronic music. T0W3RS lightheartedly discusses their most ridiculous Hopscotch moments. A work-in-progress.

Role: DP, editor


Refugee New Media Documentary

I’m currently working on a series of minimalist animations for a new media documentary project about the refugee crisis in Europe. Here’s the first animation — a boat full of refugees drifting in from the dark. My animations, in GIF-form, will be used to supplement photos on a documentary website. A project through the Duke Center for Documentary Studies. A work-in-progress.

Role: art director, mo-grapher